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Incredibly detailed voyage logs. Automatically.

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Detailed captain's log

Keep tabs on all your boat trips. Your track, weather, speed, duration, photos, and more are automatically collated for all your boats.

Review daily and monthly logs in the app, and receive printable PDFs in your inbox.

Add a Nebolink for Full Automation and more logoi

Stow your phone away! Automate voyage logging with a nebolink. The nebolink will detect the start and end of your voyage so you never forget to capture the journey.

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Your community

Show your true colors and fly your club's burgee in Nebo!
Set up a chat group and keep everyone up-to-date.

Share your location

Choose to let family and friends follow your voyage. They can follow your progress and feel like they're right there with you.

How it works?

Discover how Nebo makes voyage logging and connecting with the community simple:

Don't just take our word for it

- BG -

- BG -

I just started using nebo and I'm thrilled with the functionality. I'm often organising friends trip where we sail in 2-3 boats. The group chat and visability of boats makes this a breeze.
- ADG jnr -

- ADG jnr -

Nebo is the ultimate boating companion. It started as a phone app for us years ago, but when we got our cruising boat, we took it to the next level with a nebolink! Incredible device!
- LH -

- LH -

Easy to use, useful & fun - We were introduced to this app whilst on a flotilla sailing holiday in Croatia. It was so easy to use, just started the journey each day and then ended it when we moored. Definitely recommend!
- AF -

- AF -

Love Nebo! Nebo is good for logging our voyages. It automatically adds log readings as well as the track. We can see our friends boats when they are on the water, and they can see our too!

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