Installation guide


Download the app and create a nebo account

If you have not already.


Find your nebolink serial number

The nebolink serial number is on the device sticker. This sticker is both inside and underneath the nebolink, and on the box.


Pair your nebolink and nebo boat

Go to My locker - boats, tap your boat's name. Scroll down and tap Add Nebolink. Enter the nebolink Serial Number. Tap pair device. Tap confirm. Tap save boat.


Connect the battery clip A and B

The clip only fits one way.


You should see a red LED on the
circuitboard start to flash

Provided the internal backup battery still has charge.


Connect to external power

Connect to a constant DC power source of between 8 and 36 volts. Connect the RED wire to the power source (+). Connect the BLACK wire to negative (-). Any wires other than red and black should be ignored for now.

*The nebolink has its own internal self-resetting fuse. We do NOT recommend using a fuse.


Seal the lid

Fasten the lid with the screws provided, ensuring a good seal.


The placement is your choice.
Inside a locker or under a dashboard is acceptable.

Keep in mind that reception from the GPS satellites and cell phone towers is required. The higher above the waterline you install the better.
See the nebo support portal to find more nebolink information.