High frequency vessel tracking

Charter & Rental Fleets

Enhance your guest's experience while tracking the whole fleet.

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Marine Service Fleets

Know where your vessels are and how they're being used with unprecedented precision.

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Charter & Rental Fleets

Accurate tracking and a great guest experience!

Offer your guests an enhanced and safer experience with Nebo Fleet's unique Guest Map!

They'll see their location, Restricted Zones and Points of Interest like anchorages, marinas, cafes - all controlled by you.

And you get to see where they are and where they've been, and receive alerts if they stray into Restricted Zones.

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What our clients say

Hawkesbury Afloat run a fleet of 20 houseboats on the beautiful Hawkesbury River north of Sydney, Australia.

“We swapped from a vehicle tracking system to the Nebo Fleet solution in late 2023. What a difference!

Nebo is clearly focused on tracking boats (not cars or trucks!) and their customer service is the best. We really value the Restricted Zone alerts, and our guests love scanning the Guest Map QR code to see their location and local info. Highly recommended!

Paul Ritter

“With all of our vessels onboard with Nebo Fleet, we can monitor their location and movements 24/7.

It’s great for settling issues with possible groundings, and the real time alerts if a boat enters a restricted zone are game changing.

The Nebo team are always on the front foot when it comes to customer service and standing behind the product they sell.

Get onboard!”

Brett Hodder
Operations Manager

Charter Yachts Australia’s fleet of 22 charter yachts operate from Airlie Beach, with most guests cruising the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, Australia.

Marine Service Fleets

For smart decisions you need accurate information.

With 30-second updates, Nebo Fleet provides unprecedented vessel tracking and voyage logging.

• Alerts when vessels stray into or out of areas you define.
• Automated voyage logs
• Integration with corporate systems

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What our clients say

Volunteer Marine Rescue Queensland operate 26 bases along the Queensland coast, some in the remotest parts of Australia.

“Nebo Fleet has delivered a level ofoversight not possible previously, aiding a more flexible management and maintenance plan, and a safer rescue fleet for our  Volunteer Crews.

The Nebo team have always provided VMR with a Gold Standard of service.

I would highly recommend Nebo Fleet to any fleet manager.”

Peter Stock
Operations Manager - Marine Rescue Queensland

"The implementation of Nebo Fleet has meant I don’t have sleepless nights worrying about where our vessels are. Installation is super easy, with the whole team able to track the fleet, analyse voyage tracks and report on fleet utilization

I recommend Nebo Fleet without hesitation.”

Lee Bartlett
Director TAMS Group

TAMS Group operate a fleet of >50 vessels, with services ranging from marine construction, towage and diving to offshore logistics.